Why not buy your carbon directly from a producer of environmental carbon?

Charcoal is 70% carbon. Most charcoal is made in a very polluting manner, however bio-charcoal “biochar” is made in a clean process called pyrolysis. Millions of people all over the world produce and bury charcoal to improve the soil and increase crop yield. When buried, it sequesters carbon out of the atmospheric cycle. These farmers (un-miners™) get no credit, money or help in exchange for the service they are doing for humanity and the planet.

Now, by uploading a video, un-miners™ receive a Charton™ for every ton of carbon they mix into animal feed, animal waste, soil or water. You can buy this ton of biochar directly from them to offset your carbon footprint. The more money they get for burying carbon; the more biochar they will bury.

Unlike carbon offsets this credit is not an estimate of a future reduction in emissions but actual sequestered carbon that cannot be re-emitted in an event such as a forest fire.

Join the Carbonface™ green social network at carbonface.org. The first million people who sign up get a free Charton™. Buy more Chartons™ directly from a carbon un-miner, trade with other Carbonfacers™ or simply connect with eco minded people.