What is Biochar?

Biochar is the eco-smart carbon-negative way of farming, gardening, managing lawns or growing your household plants.

Biochar is an environmental charcoal made from baked biomass (organic waste such as farm and forest residues) used to enrich agricultural soils. A natural soil enhancer, it increases soil fertility, breaks down environmental poisons, suppresses smells and sequesters carbon.

In the late 90’s, western science figured out why there were strange batches of deep fertile black soil in the Amazon, (called terra preta) where the soil is otherwise poor and thin. They discovered that natives buried charcoal thousands of years ago from a slash and burn farming practice. Charcoal rediscovered by science as a soil conditioner is now being produced in a controlled environment through pyrolysis (slow burning with no air) to create what is called biochar.

Biochar benefits

Biochar is an organic soil enhancer that:

  • Significantly enhances plant growth & root development.
  • Boosts plant nutrient retention.
  • Improves soil structure and stability.
  • Improves the soil’s water holding capacity & permeability.
  • Raises soil pH (i.e. reduces soil acidity).
  • Retains nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil.
  • Helps healthy activity of soil microfauna & flora.
  • Provides refuge for mycorrhizae for healthy roots.
  • Suppresses odours & breaks down pollutants.​

"Good for your plants, good for your soil,
good for the planet, good for your soul"