Buying Chartons™

The first Chartons™ are now available.


CDN each

Humans have pumped 375 gigatons (billion tons) of carbon into the atmosphere with fossil fuels since industrialization. If we bury 537 gigatons of biochar we will bring CO2 level in the atmosphere back to pre-industrial levels. Therefore the amount of Chartons™ that will be available to be un-mined will be 537 billion.

Only 10,000 Chartons™ will ever directly be available for sale.

The initial 2,000 Chartons™ is being sold for $5 CDN (Canadian Dollars)

The next 4,000 will be sold at $7.50 CDN each.

The last 4,000 will be sold at $10 CDN each.

Anyone wanting to resell a token will have to sell above the minimum price of $10 CDN. All of the money from the direct sales of the original 10,000 Chartons™ will be deposited into the bank and will not be touched. If any of the original direct buyers of these coins are not able to sell their investment above the price paid they can get a full refund.

1 Million Chartons™

will be given out for free, one per person.

These individuals will need to join the social network in order to claim their free coin.

1 Million Chartons™

will be given out to vendors for accepting the coin.

5% of the value of each transaction will be given out in Chartons™.

1 Million Chartons™

will be retained by the Superintendency to cover operating and development costs

It leaves 536,996,990,000 Chartons™ available to be un-mined.

After initiial sale of 10,000 chartons, the only way for a non-vendor to get more than one Charton™ would be to buy from other owners or to un-mine™ themselves.