Making Chartons™

Make your own biochar and get Chartons:

You can make biochar in a number of different ways. Every fire makes some charcoal, at least before the charcoal is also burnt. To turn 30% of the biomass burned to charcoal you need to reduce the oxygen.

When wood ‘burns’, it is the gases released from the wood due to heat, which actually burn. Usually those gases burns right next to the wood. To make biochar you restrict the air at the bottom of the fire to maximize charcoal production and then burn the freshly made natural gases cleanly at the top of the fire by adding air. There are many good, simple designs that can do this. Simple double wall Fire Pits/BBQs/Biochar kilns can bought for as little as 100$ USD at

To receive a Charton™ for un-mining™ carbon you need to post a video of production and sequestration which will be linked to your Carbonface™ profile. Videos will include the mixing of biochar into soil, feed, manure, fertilizer or water.The weight of biochar can easily be manipulated by adding water, so the amount of biochar buried will be measured by volume. 1 liter of biochar is equal to .005 Charkilos. All videos will be verified by at least seven people on the Cabonface™ social network who will be paid in Chartons™. All transactions will be transparent. No social network data will be sold.

Most poor villagers in non-industrial nations do not have video capabilities on their phones so although all mixing of biochar will be filmed, each recipient in those areas will only need to have one video of ecological production rather than a complete video of all biochar production. Eventually, all videos will have to be made with a specially designed app that verifies the time and place of the video.