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In 2016, Warm Heart (an NGO based in Thailand) began testing organic fertiliser made from Biochar produced by local farmers. Ten farmers tested Biochar fertiliser against synthetic fertiliser in side-by-side paddies. The Biochar restored their soil, made their plants healthier – and increased their yields 10.8% over the synthetic fertiliser.

In 2017, Warm Heart paid farmers in Mae Chaem Thailand $86 USD per tonne to produce biochar in no-smoke 55 gallon drums. This replaced their practice of burning their waste corn cobs that make huge amounts of deadly smoke thatwhich contributeds to the three month “smoke season” in Chaaing Mai (Thailand’s 2nd biggest tourist destinationcity). Warm heart chose Mae Chaem to begin the public demonstration of how well poor farmers could deal with smoke using its simple barrel technology because Mae Chaem is the single largest source of smoke from corn waste in north Thailand.

Warm Heart’s sequestration of a total of 27.1 tonnes of biochar – 15.2 tonnes in Phrao district by 19 individual farmers and 11.9 tonnes in Mai Chaem by 5 individual farmers and the Mai Wak Village cooperative – is well documented by farmer, location and date of application.

Because the sequestration of carbon was so well documented, Warm Heart has been awarded 27.1 Chartons™. Chartons™ are basically a token (certificate) certifying that a tonne of carbon has been sequestered.

Warm Heart is now selling those Chartons™ so that more carbon can be buried. Please offset your carbon now by donating to Warm Heart. $86 USD pays for 1 ton of carbon to be buried which equals at least 2.6 tons of CO2 permanently removed from the atmospheric cycle. A typical Canadian’s carbon footprint is 22 tonnes a year (theglobe Most likely visitors to this site produce much less carbon than the average Canadian. Any amount helps and the more the better but we encourage everyone to donate $86 USD a year to offset their carbon footprint. If you want to calculate the carbon footprint of specific actives is a good site to help you calculate.

We also encourage everyone who donates to Warm Heart to join the social network at . Please post on your timeline and Warm Heart’s timeline how much you gave to support burying of carbon in Thailand. You will be then awarded Chartons™ accordingly and everyone will be able to see the good you have done. Posting your donation is not essential but it will encourage others to do the same and will give you possibility of using your token as currency.

More info about Warm Heart can be seen on their time line or on their website There carbon burying project is