Who are the UN-MINERS?


Farmers, gardeners and biochar enthusiasts: Millions of people are already burying Biochar to increase agricultural productivity, but up until now there was no mechanism for them to be rewarded monetarily for sequestering carbon and slowing climate change. Burying of high quality biochar almost always increases yield, however, depending on a number of factors, such as the original quality of the soil; the short term economic return alone does not always justify the expense and effort. If people are additionally rewarded for the environmental work they are also accomplishing, then inevitably, even more biochar will be buried.


Forest fire preventers: People who collect forest fire fuel sources for the prevention of forest fires will have an extra source of income, and this will also reduce the pollution and danger from controlled burns.


Fire Pit and BBQ users: Anyone can easily produce biochar and un-mine™ their own tokens by using BBQs/Fire Pits that are already on sale at www.new-earth.ca/stove for $100 USD.


Home and business owners: Homes and factories can also produce biochar in large quantities and use the gas created for a variety of industrial applications or to heat their water or homes.


Billions of people around the world still cook on solid fuel like wood: Smoke from inefficient cooking fires kills more people than AIDS, Malaria and TB combined. There are a number of super-efficient, low-smoke, biochar producing cookstoves being sold around the world. Now these monetarily poor people can get rewarded for the good they do for the climatic system, when they follow ancient traditions and bury biochar.

Other forms of carbon sequestration might be considered as methods of un-mining™ Chartons™ as technology advances. This could potentially open many more doors to a greener future, both environmentally as well as financially.